11 Apr 2009

This range of Xploder Sony car audio

Simply slot in your music collection

Anyone who has a long commute or a job in the way knows the importance of music to keep in reasonable spirits. But how all of you with its collection of all time? This should be possible with the car Xploder range of Sony.

It goes beyond having "just" or USB connectivity for iPod, which offers a USB cable for 1-feature that translates into more separate ports for different types of portable players. Therefore, you must use the device (USB memory drive, iPod, iPhone or any other brand of MP3 player), all connected through the USB port, and if necessary, get a load too. You can even transfer control of all in the head of the main unit as well. If only it was designed with such ease.

All offer CD/MP3/WMA/AAC Sony music playback with more advanced digital (Advanced + DM), and rapid technology Zappin browser to find the tracks, the track selection to adapt and improve their quality of mind Playback of digital formats.

Specifically, the CDX-GT930UI offers a top-down, detachable face and a large 4-line fluorescent display. Or has integrated Bluetooth and the MEX-BT5700U MEX-BT4700U MEX-BT3700U, the flow of calls (and music from your phone) on the speakers, music automatically pauses when a call comes in Thursday MEX-BT4700U also adds a directory access profile (PBAP) option, the transfer of your telephone directory information from your Bluetooth phone to your computer screen with 4 lines.

Available now, prices vary for all models to check the extent of your local Sony.


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