20 Apr 2009

Hulu application for the iPhone soon

Silicon Alley Insider reports that Hulu dedicated application is indeed on the way to the iPhone and should be here in a few months.

SAI said the application will run on Wi-Fi AT & T's 3G network, which means that users can view anywhere in connection with programming information quickly.

Rumors suggest that the iPhone version of Hulu swirl around this time last year, however, that preceded the launch of the App Store, and refuse to have worked flat Hulu.

This time, however, is much more plausible, with the upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 software update, allowing developers the means to cook in their applications. For Hulu, meaning that advertising can be trapped in the flow of motivation and that users can watch videos without leaving the application.

One of the things that prevent the conclusion of this rumor is that water is in direct competition with Hulu Apple iTunes business. Users can see Hulu ad support, long-term television and movies on their personal computers for free, instead of paying Apple to download a copy offline.

If such an application are available on the iPhone, but also offers mobile TV and see the movie, something that does not yet offer its own mobile application from Apple iTunes, which is limited to video podcasts. In the past, cases of this, the company simply refused to podcaster applications through the application approval process, to run in the first part of the functionality later.

Moreover, some of its competitors Hulu have already received a foot in the door, including CBS and Joost TV.com property, which has its own content in the flow of the iPhone application in pieces. In addition, Google YouTube, whose application is preinstalled on the iPhone, has recently concluded an agreement with major studios including Sony Pictures, Lions Gate Entertainment and CBS (the editor of CNET News), offers visitors long, with TV movies .

Hulu withdraw advertising if not in food, using this system would be simple enough to force users to move through the advertising clips.

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