13 Apr 2009

Apple iPod Shuffle third generation

The runt of the litter, the pampered youngest child, the little clip on a tie is random trick that none of his brothers and sisters can handle most popular. He can talk. Yes, the world smallest MP3 player with an impeccable lineage, but the power of words between the 3rd generation of all other random music player.

Trick? Well, not most of the conversation, talking, but all, all dancing is random "speak" of information on monitoring and battery life to you at the touch of a button on the headset lead with a new feature called VoiceOver. Stan Ng, Apple product manager, said that the T3 and eliminates the need for a heavy power LCD screen and gives the user a maximum of 10 hours of music - a feat that we have tested on a long train journey to the weekends.

This also means you can hear other options from the menu and navigate with ease. Continue to strengthen the hull to drive and had read all your playlists, eliminating the pressure in the head and the playlist you choose to start playing. "This eliminates the need for a lot of buttons too rough" said Ng T3, further improving the design philosophy of Apple.

One point of disagreement we have with VoiceOver is that the voice depends on whether the random synchronization to a PC or Mac. Mac voice is quite acceptable for an electronic voice, but the PC returns to ballot shame. Ng When asked the difference between the two, he just laughs and says that the PC is the voice of Microsoft standard auto-generated voice, and nothing to do with Apple.

Anything you find in the little man himself escape the random and the smallest LED we have seen is a headphone jack that accepts any plug 3 mm. Here is the trick, though - due to the lack of buttons on the body of the Shuffle, which are locked in using the supplied headphones for Apple (or the first outbreak). Anyone who has a pair of headphones that do not work the paddle in the head to discover that you can not control the music - can not adjust volume or skip songs or change playlists. They have certainly not be able to turn on VoiceOver.

This is where the main fault lies with the Shuffle. The hull is good for Apple buds that are never very Saturday in his right ear, until Apple releases an adapter, you can not use the Sennheiser / Bose headphones. Think of it as the DRM, but in hardware form. It will not be long until the third part of the ecosystem Apple comes to action, but Ng said "pay attention to the third party headsets and adapters position in this way, I saw with Klipsch helmet and there will be random more "Even if any, shall require authorization by Apple to market.

However, we believe that anyone who chooses to spring £ 59.99 on an iPod shuffle is not too much on audio quality, or if you can use other brands of phones. Anyone who has a better quality helmet that provided by Apple is not very likely to choose a random or a more expensive iPod Nano.

May the size was halved, but somehow the iPod shuffle has doubled the capacity of 4 GB and the sound quality is very accurate and powerful. What future for all-singing and dancing in the iPod? Voice recognition? Let's wait and see.


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