10 Apr 2009

Exclusive: HP Pavilion laptop dv2 complete

HP fills the gap between NETBOOK and portable

Although it is technically classified as an ultra-portable Pavilion dv2 is the difference between the bridge size and low power portable NETBOOK.

This 12.1-inch glossy finish Lappi sport black, metal and some styles highlighted aesthetics. The end result is a laptop that looks stylish, but not the bank or the other. In just 500 pounds, has already taken a very reasonable start.

Although the screen size is larger than most NETBOOK Pavilion dv2 is very thin, measuring just 23.7mm in height in some points and 32.7 points in its thickest (the battery). The weight is not enough to weigh on your shoulder, or only 1.70 kg.

So what's on board? AMD Athlon MV-40 Neo manages the CPU for ultra-thin portable treatment of muscles, bringing the power of 1.60 and 512 KB of cache table. 1 GB of RAM DD2 (with the possibility of expanding up to 4 GB) SATA hard drive and 160 GB compatible with Windows Vista Home Basic operating system.

The screen - HP LED BrightView widescreen display - offers high resolution of 1280 x 800 and a brightness level used quite bright, even under daylight. Graphics are handled by ATI Radeon X1250 with 348MB of video memory.

During the performance is strong enough for such a diminutive notebooks. The dv2 could use one or two GB of RAM to really take full advantage of Windows Vista, AMD, but felt more space for the normal tasks that you ultra-portable like this, as well as through more intensive tasks such as HD video playback.

We were particularly impressed by the quality and design of the keyboard. Most ultra-portable should compromise on the size of your keyboard, resulting in overcrowding fiddly typing. The HP Pavilion dv2 however, has a keyboard that is 92% in size.

It does not offer the pure isolated keys Sony Vaio P Series, and now has over Apple products, but slightly concave keys proved to be a real pleasure to write, and probably will not interfere in its writing speed in any way remarkable. The tactile feedback is excellent and it looks like a good solid keyboard.

Unfortunately, the quality has not led the trackpad mouse. It has a shiny silver is combined with the chassis, but looks like a case of style over substance. Slide your finger a little too easily on its surface polished, and at the same time, the mouse buttons are a little too sticky for comfort.

On a more positive note, if you do not want to use the pad and connect via USB or Bluetooth mouse instead, is a handy button on the trackpad that can stop it, it will not interrupt your wrist as it passes.

A major commitment to building ultra-thin is not only space for one optical drive. You always get one in the box, but the LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD ± RW drive is a USB device. We can not consider that fact against it - given the number of disks we use today and that is packaged in an elegant case for your own, that ticks all the right boxes.

The additional space also allows HP to pack a decent set of ports. You have three USB 2.0, HDMI connector, VGA output, Ethernet, microphone and headset plugs. Wi-Fi too, of course, but the older 802.11g, rather than the last 'n' standard, and there is a webcam and integrated 5-in-1 card reader.

Battery life is the only weak point, the 4-cell is only available for a few hours of calculation common, even with screen brightness down to the series. Unfortunately, you will not find all the days of computers here yet.

The HP Pavilion dv2 is a little too much for giving much more power than other ultra portable and NETBOOK of the type used for portability will be reserved for more expensive mini-laptops. If you are serious computing muscle you want, you should look elsewhere, but for everyday computing tasks, along with some entertainment features to keep you busy while you are away, is ideal.

from: t3.com

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