2 Mei 2009

PS3 to get Wii-like motion?

Sony has said that the development of his own death-stick controller Wii

There are many rumors that Sony would unveil in the coming games E3 Extravaganza. We have an idea of what goes hand in front, but with the PSP Go!, The Japanese technology giant could also lift the veil on a new PS3 controller too

The idea behind this is simple: to win Nintendo Wii proxy in their own game. The new peripheral to be a wall-like motion, much Akin to the Wii Remote. The difference, say sources, is that it will be much more accurate in measuring the movements of the current technology to Nintendo.

Controller Sony apparently used LEDs (light emitting diodes, mainly small electrical light sources) and a small web camera to track the movements of the device, "says Ras Court Scene blog. "Because the camera can see different colored lights and the shape and angle of each light is much more accurate than the Wii-Mote."

According Kombo.com, the first prototypes are already Cree in the hands of a few developers, the task of developing a series of new games with motion in support of the launch of the new controller. It is still unclear what the final product will look like this - look at the prototypes reported "a little funky - but it will be safe to assume that a significant difference of the current SIXAXIS and Dual Shock 3 controller. The device is the right picture actually a Gametrak freedom, but we will probably look at something in the same direction.

These are all rumors and speculation even today, so you have the season with a normal amount of salt. There is some good evidence backing up, but in the form of a patent that Sony already purchased a motion sensing controller that looks like a Wii Remote.

Interestingly, Sony would not only take the lead in Wii - Microsoft also believes the company motion technology. So far, Sony has most of the pre-E3 hype, but Microsoft still has a few tricks his sleeve for the Xbox 360 with a quiet year so far. Meanwhile, Nintendo is doing to their own Wii remote updating, on a Wii motion Plus.


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