27 Apr 2009

TAC-15 Tactical crossbow makes me wish for a Zombie Outbreak

Hunt will be interesting when it published next month in CT-15 PSE crossbow. Is directly on top of an AR-15 rifle with which you can switch between the two branches with a minimum of tinkering.

Why do we need a crossbow, if you are already in possession of an AR-15? I can not imagine a scenario that makes sense, unless you are invited to a series of islands outside the law where men are hunted for sport. You will not be easy, so that hunting crossbow. In addition, we have the most dangerous game of all; you have the high-powered rifle as backup. Speaking of backup, you may want to add GRAD ,22-Cal knife to kill his arsenal double case. Click on the link below to view a video of the TAC-15 in action.


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