14 Mei 2009

iHome is not bad for IP1 iPod dock strike packages Bongiovi

We are not what you call music - coming dangerously close to 128Kb MP3 or two in our lives, and once even tried Internet radio - still seem to prefer something that sounds good. "This eliminates the majority of iPod docks on the market, which, for the price, size and know-how, difficulties in some favors for the Lo-Fi music, usually they serve.

Enter the new iHome dock IP1, which began the new series Studio "with the manufacturer, and as" Bongiovi Digital Power Station therapy to increase quality. Tony Bongiovi, sound engineer and a cousin of John Bon Jovi, has developed DSP technology to improve the sound in a "commitment" environments such as cars (used by JVC in-car systems), aircraft and low-quality speakers, and especially attentive to the output. The result is that volume provides IP1 and clarity of the high and low audio levels, especially in the old records that were not compressed to high heaven, in detail, and charm, not because of lack of equipment. Of course, the result is not "correct "there has been - is needed to make studio monitors - but most of the things that makes the sound" good "without adding the ruin of many methods for improving the digital audio, and take a couple of details in my song favorite, who was in the rotation of our house. It also had the perverse consequence of making some songs of Bob Marley firecrackers (and "Could you be loved at the club, if you want), but fortunately can be turned off by pressing a button.

In the dock is fixed at 100 W Ampere, two 4-inch woofers and two 1-inch tweeters. The remote control can handle the custom EQ Bongiovi, plus connection and disconnection, and there is also a component video output and full support for the iPhone. There are success stories in mid-July for about $ 299.

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