29 Mar 2009

Apple joined AT & T iPhone without contract

Apple has teamed with AT & T in offering iPhones without a contract at a high price.

Last week, AT & T announced plans to sell the iPhone without a contract 3GS two years for $ 599 and $ 699, but Apple has not responded to questions about whether he had the same idea in mind. Now AppleInsider reports that the company launched the bid, even without contact with its shops, which makes sense, given the tight association between the two companies.

It's a little difficult to get an idea of how many people jump on this offer. These offers are very common in other parts of the world, but buyers of mobile phones in this economic climate they prefer their savings to move ahead, because all iPhones sold 3GS this way will always be locked to AT & T network.

The movement, however, are probably just another sign on the road for the next iPhone. AppleInsider Another report on Friday that AT & T began offering the $ 199 / $ 299 subsidized price to existing customers with iPhones that are not yet eligible for the upgrade price seems to be a strong signal that the carrier wants to clear inventory of a new model.

Last year, Apple and AT & T iPhone inventory are essentially zero before the launch of the iPhone 3G. They can do something similar this year, because if the plan is to announce a new iPhone at the Worldwide Developers Conference in early June and send it later (perhaps the time of the summer "The launch of the iPhone 3.0 software), applications for iPhone 3G to fall off a cliff after the announcement.

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