20 Feb 2009

Nintendo DSi comes to America April 5

Nintendo announced today that the third edition of its DS handheld video game system will be released in the United States on April 5. The handheld unit was originally scheduled to be released sometime in the summer, but Nintendo decided to push the release date up for gamers.

The DSi has two digital cameras, music player, voice recorder, stereo headphone output, and an SD card slot. Owners will also have the chance to download new video games and applications using WiFi hotspots, though applications will begin at 200 points, $2, with the price going up depending on which game is being purchased.

The DSi will be available for $169.99, and interested consumers will be able to purchase the system in blue or black. Nintendo's DS Lite -- already available in the U.S. -- costs just $130, and is extremely popular among gamers.

The Nintendo DSi has been available on the Japanese market since late 2008, and U.S. consumers have been anxiously awaiting to learn when it would land in North America.

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